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Olympus Video Gastroscoop GIFQ160Z

Olympus Video Gastroscoop GIFQ160Z
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Olympus Video Gastroscoop GIFQ160Z

Type: GIFQ160Z

Conditie: Zeer goede staat, zeer weinig gebruikt


Optical System

    Field of view

        140(in WIDE position)

        75(in TELE position)

    Direction of view

        0-Forward viewing

    Depth of field

        8 to 100 mm (in WIDE position)

        1.5 to 3 mm (in TELE position)

Distal End

    Outer diameter

        10.8 mm

Insertion Tube

    Outer diameter

        10.9 mm

Bending Section

    Angulation range

        Up 210, Down 90, Right 100, Left 100

Working Length

    1030 mm

Total Length

    1340 mm

Instrument Channel

    lnner diameter

        2.8 mm

    Minimum visible distance

        5 mm from the distal end (in WIDE position)

    Endo-Therapy accessory entrance/exit position in field of view


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